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Wok Cookers for the lowest price

High temperatures, clouds of steam and hot flames. With wok woks you transfer the spectacle in the kitchen to a taste sensation on the plate. The hot flames keep the flavor and vitamins in the dish and provide that firm bite. With a professional wok burner you will have powerful dishes on the table in no time.

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What types of wok burners are there?

What should you pay attention to when buying a wok burner?

What are the benefits of a wok?

Wok or stir-frying is done at a high temperature. As a result, released moisture evaporates immediately and the taste of your ingredients is not lost. The cooking time is therefore shorter than when cooking with a normal pan. Vegetables are therefore quickly cooked while retaining the vitamins. So it's healthy too! You can make many dishes by wok cooking, because almost all types of vegetables, meat, fish and chicken lend themselves perfectly to a wok dish. You can also bake sauces and herbs. This is not only very tasty, but has the practical advantage that you only have to use one pan for your entire dish. And if you want to make your preparation time even shorter, a vegetable cutter can help you with that!

Is a wok burner suitable for my company?

As you have read above, stir-frying is a quick and healthy preparation method. Wok burners are therefore not only seen in Asian restaurants, but are an excellent addition to kitchens in any restaurant, lunchroom or brasserie. It is also a great advantage that you can make complete wok dishes with one wok. This frees up capacity on your stove for the preparation of other dishes.
You can keep your freshly stir-fried dishes warm with the many types of warming devices in our webshop. Think of an electric chafing dish, bain-marie sets or warming display cases.

Is a wok burner easy to clean?

The Maxima wok burners have a robust and practical design. The housing is smoothly finished with stainless steel and can be cleaned with a cloth. You can remove the cooking rings for easy cleaning. Any food leftovers end up in the drip tray. This way you can enjoy your Maxima wok burner for a long time and you always start with a clean and hygienic workplace.

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