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In our range, we have everything for the kitchen or bar including waffle irons. At Maxima Kitchen Equipment we have all kinds of waffle irons on offer.

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In our range, we have everything for the kitchen or bar including waffle irons. At Maxima Kitchen Equipment we have all kinds of waffle irons on offer.

Who might use a Maxima waffle iron?

The catering establishments that have waffles on their menus are diverse. Traditionally, waffles are sold as sweet delicacies and eaten at fairs, summer events and Christmas markets. But many bakeries also use a waffle iron. As well as a snack at the bakery, you can eat them for breakfast or lunch. Maxima waffle irons are also found in sandwich shops, pancake houses, restaurants and the breakfast rooms of hotels. Waffles are also delicious with tea or coffee. Many tearooms and cafes have a waffle maker as part of their kitchen equipment.

What kind of waffles can I make with a Maxima waffle iron?

There are various types of waffles, with Brussels and Liège types being the best known. These two differ in shape and pattern. The Brussels waffle has a rectangular shape and relatively large and deep holes, and is usually eaten warm with icing sugar or whipped cream. Liège waffles are sweeter due to the addition of sugar crystals in the batter. They have a denser structure, making them heavier. Liège waffles are round or oval. Maxima waffle irons range contains waffle makers for both the Brussels and Liège styles of waffle, as well as bubble waffles.

Which types of Maxima waffle irons are for sale?

Maxima Kitchen Equipment does not only sell irons to make famous Belgian waffles. However, most restaurants and catering companies that offer waffles often choose waffle irons to make the Liège or Brussels style of waffle. To serve Brussels waffles to your customers, then you'll want the classic Maxima waffle iron. It can be ordered as a single or double version. You will also find double and single waffle irons for heart-shaped Liège waffles under our cooking equipment. Liege waffles can be served as one round waffle or as four hearts. Another type of waffle iron is the single bubble waffle maker. This makes waffles that can be rolled up like a cone.

What are the characteristics of a Maxima waffle maker?

Although you can use our waffle irons to prepare various types of waffles, the differences between the machines are generally small. It goes without saying that the double waffle makers are larger in size, but they’re only larger in width. The depth and height of the classic waffle iron and the heart waffle maker are the same. The bubble waffle iron is a few centimetres higher and deeper than the other models. Of course, the weight also changes with the size. With a Maxima waffle iron, however, the similarities are greater than the differences. All of our waffle irons have:

  • stainless steel housing
  • a cast iron non-stick baking tray
  • thermostatic temperature control from 50 to 300 degrees Celsius
  • available in heart shape or classic waffle pattern

What to look out for when buying a Maxima waffle iron?

A waffle maker is a nice extension of the kitchen inventory for many companies and entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry and provides an attractive addition to the menu. Whether you have a bakery, are a catering provider at events or run a cafe or other eatery, a waffle maker could be for you. However, make sure you find the right one for you. Which waffle maker you order depends on several things. If you expect to make a lot of waffles, a double Maxima waffle iron is recommended. If it’s enough to make one waffle at a time, but you would still like to offer something special to your customers, then the bubble waffle maker might be for you.

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