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Commercial Toasters for the lowest price

Heating and toasting of bread is best done with a Maxima toaster. We have several toaster models that have been designed especially for catering purposes in stock. You can order your toaster by visiting the Maxima Kitchen Equipment showroom or you can purchase one online.

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Is a Maxima toaster something that I need for my business?

Whether you need to add a toaster to your appliance inventory is strongly dependant on the type of catering establishment that you own. In the first instance, you should have toasted bread on your menu, and for this reason, you can often find a Maxima toaster in establishments that offer breakfast, brunches and lunches. This, however, does not mean that a toaster is only suitable for use in these establishments. Toasters can also be used in the breakfast rooms of hotels and restaurants that offer a lunch menu. You can also find a toaster tucked away behind the bar of some sports canteens and fitness centres. Maxima toasters are also well suited for use in company canteens and communal kitchens in office environments. In addition to this, other establishments like cafeterias, eateries, self-service restaurants and food shops in local petrol stations make use of toasters. As such, toasters have a wide range of applications in different catering roles.

Which Maxima toasters can you choose from?

What are the characteristics of a Maxima toaster?

In addition to functions and features, the design of our toasters also varies greatly. Where the heavier American conveyor models feature a very angular design, the more traditional models come with an aesthetically pleasing, rounded design. An extra advantage of the Maxima toaster line is that they allow you to control the toasting surfaces independently. When you use only two toasting surfaces in a device that can accommodate six sandwiches, only two surfaces will be heated while the other four will remain cool in order to save energy. The general characteristics of our toasters are:

  • Stainless steel housings
  • Control knob for adjusting the toasting time/throughput speed
  • Indicator lights with a temperature display
  • Collection tray for crumbs
  • Four rubber feet
  • Powerful elements for fast results

How do I clean a Maxima toaster?

The user-friendliness of each appliance that Maxima Kitchen Equipment develops is kept in mind so that keeping the device at peak performance doesn't take too much time. As a result, our toasters are also designed to be cleaned quickly and easily. Thanks to the built-in breadcrumb collection trays, the surface on which the Maxima toaster is used remains crumb-free. The crumb tray found on the standard toaster as well as the conveyor toaster model is easy to remove and can be cleaned without much fuss. The outside housing of the toaster can be wiped with a soft cloth and a mild detergent solution. Once the exterior is clean, it can be dried with a clean cloth for a shiny finish.

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