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Professional Maxima Toaster

Are you looking for quality? Only the best is good enough for your kitchen. Choose a Maxima Toaster and your are guaranteed of a high end product. Our toasters are made for intensive and heavy duty tasks in a professional environment. The best quality toaster for the lowest prices are to be found at Maxima Kitchen Equipment.

With a professional toaster you can achieve the best results. A Maxima toaster also has capacity to toast more than one slice of bread. You can work faster and more efficiently. Toasting was never this easy!

Every catering toaster has been produced with the greatest care to make sure we can guarantee you a high level of quality. Every Maxima toaster meets all the standards and regulations when it comes to safety.

A professional Maxima toaster also guarantees perfect hygiene. The retro and functional stainless steel casing can take the occasional blow and is incredibly easy to clean. The toaster also comes with a tray to catch crumbs and leftovers. This tray can be taken out to easily throw away the crumbs left in the tray, without spilling all over your kitchen. Keep your kitchen clean and crumb-free!

Do you have any questions about our toaster? Do you require more information? Please feel free to contact us. You can reach us by email, telephone or 24/7 live chat. We are here to answer any questions you may have.

Are you facing any difficulties with our equipment? Contact our in-house technical department. They can solve any problem you might have with our toaster or any of our other products.