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Salamander Grills for the lowest price

The salamander grill is the perfect example of a simple device that can do a lot of work. Whether you go for an open grill or prefer to choose a closed model: Maxima Kitchen Equipment has one for you.

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What is a salamander?

A salamander or salamander grill is a small cooking appliance of American design. The grill is characterized by the fact that the heat not only comes from above but also from below. It is powered by electricity and gives off an even heat. The main advantage of these grills is that they can remain on at a constant low temperature. This means that you always have a fixed station where you can keep dishes warm for a while after preparation. A good salamander grill can also be set in countless ways, giving you a perfect device which can slowly cook an ingredient one minute and grill on full power the next.

What applications does a salamander have?

A salamander grill can be used in different ways. It is a suitable for keeping food warm for instance, when you have to wait before serving. In addition, this cooking equipment is useful for grilling the top of a dish, when cooking “au gratin”. Because a salamander gives heat from the top, you can easily create a crispy layer. A salamander grill can also be used when you want to glaze ingredients or if you just want to roast something. It's not for nothing that it has become one of the most versatile devices in the kitchen. By adjusting the temperature and the height of the grill rack, you can create exactly the right conditions for every dish you want to make.

How to use a salamander grill?

The big advantage of a salamander grill is that it is very easy to use. If you want to use the grill, you first have to bring it up to temperature. You can do this by using the rotary knob and the temperature indicator. Dishes that are au gratin or grilled require higher temperatures, while a lower temperature is suitable for keeping a meal warm or to glaze ingredients. You can also set the height of the salamander grill. With some models you do this by moving the top of the grill or with others there is a rack that can be adjusted to the correct height. Just put the food in place and you’re ready to go.

Which salamander models are available?

How do you clean a salamander?

Because you can use a salamander for all kinds of purposes, it is important that it is thoroughly cleaned every time it is used, to be sure to maintain kitchen hygiene. Switch off and then clean the salamander with a damp cloth after each use. Wet the cloth in just a little water, no detergent is required. Remove the grill rack so you can clean up any crumbs from inside. Don’t forget the sides and the top of the grill. If necessary, you can clean the outside of the appliance with a special spray for stainless steel.

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