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Commercial Pizza Ovens for the lowest price

If you want to bake pizzas professionally, a real pizza oven is an essential, not a luxury. Maxima Kitchen Equipment has a wide range of pizza ovens in all styles. From single ovens to multi-chamber models: we offer it all.

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How to use a pizza oven?

Before you cook a homemade pizza, the oven has to be completely preheated. Set it to the required temperature and wait until the indicator light tells you that the oven is ready. Then put the pizza in the oven using a special pizza board. Slide this board under the pizza and then use it to put the pizza in the oven. This preserves the nice, round shape of the pizza and you can put it directly on the bottom of the oven. Let the pizza bake for a while and then turn it around halfway through the process. As soon as the pizza is completely cooked, fetch it out of the oven with the help of the pizza board.

What can you prepare with a pizza oven?

Pizza ovens are incredibly versatile appliances for the professional kitchen. Of course, this cooking equipment is designed for baking fresh pizzas, and because you can put the pizza directly onto the hot plate, you can create a delicious crispy bottom. Since the oven evenly distributes the temperature, the pizza crusts come out evenly baked. Pies and other desserts can be prepared in a special pizza oven. You can make a cake using a baking pan, which you can put into the oven. Because the temperature can be easily regulated, every dish is always just the way you want it.

What should I consider when buying a pizza oven?

When baking a pizza, the right temperature is extremely important. Some types of dough require extremely high temperatures if you want to achieve the right texture. That's why it's useful to select a pizza oven whose thermostat has a wide range. A maximum temperature of 300 degrees is fine, but there are also models that can handle 500 degrees. In addition, there are special pizza ovens available that are equipped with a stone plate. This plate mimics a traditional stone oven, making the pizza in an authentic way. In many cases, this gives the dough more flavour and better texture.

What types of pizza ovens are available?

Each pizza oven offers something different. For example, there are simple models with only one chamber, which has enough room for a single pizza. If you are planning to make multiple pizzas, all cooking at the same time, then larger models are available. It is possible to purchase a pizza oven with an extra wide chamber, which can fit four to six pizzas side by side. There are also ovens with two chambers allowing you to bake up to a total of 12 pizzas at a time. The temperature of these pizza ovens can be set in each chamber, using the control knobs on the side of the oven.

How do you maintain a pizza oven?

Just like any other appliance in the kitchen, pizza ovens need to be properly maintained, by cleaning the ovens after each use. You don't need much for this: just a clean cloth and some water are sufficient. Make sure you let the oven cool down completely before you start cleaning, then moisten the cloth a little and use it to remove all food residues from the oven. Keep the doors clean and you will always be able to keep an eye on the pizza through the window.

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