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Pasta Cookers for the lowest price

How many different dishes can you make with pasta or noodles, rice, potatoes or vegetables? It says a lot about the versatility of a pasta cooker. Cook and drain different foods in the correct portions; that sounds like a cooking appliance that deserves a place in every kitchen. From food truck to industrial kitchen, Maxima has pasta cookers for every capacity.

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What different types of pasta cookers are there?

The differences are mainly in the size of the pasta cooker (capacity) and the energy supply. Your choice is based on the frequency and amounts of pasta you make at a time. Of course you have to take the energy supply into account. The smaller electric pasta cookers can be used in any kitchen. From the capacity of 20 liters you can choose between electric pasta cookers with 400 volts and pasta cookers on gas. These professional appliances fit perfectly in a professional baking wall / cooking line. The pasta cookers from our 900 cooking line have a sturdy stainless steel base with one or two doors for extra storage space. Thanks to the large drain and the handy ball valve, you can quickly empty the water container.

Whichever pasta cooker / noodle cooker you choose, with the quality of Maxima Kitchen Equipment you can always assume that you have a robust appliance in your kitchen. The Maxima pasta cookers have the following specifications:

  • made of stainless steel
  • including stainless steel baskets with fine perforation
  • equipped with a safety thermostat
  • water bowl / reservoir with rounded corners for easy cleaning

Which pasta cooker is suitable for my catering business?

Thanks to the wide range, Maxima has pasta cookers of small to very large capacity available. We have the right size in our range for every size of catering business. The smallest pasta cooker fits, for example, in any canteen, lunchroom, food truck or market stall. For the larger kitchen, there is even a 2 x 40 liter catering pasta cooker as part of the cooking line. And if even that doesn't offer enough capacity, the cooking kettles certainly do.
But you can't just use a pasta cooker for cooking pasta. The baskets with small holes are also great for cooking rice, potatoes, vegetables and noodles. A catering pasta cooker is therefore a multifunctional cooking device.

What are the benefits of a pasta cooker?

Pasta is not missing on any menu. Given the many pasta variations and the different dishes in which pasta is eaten, a pasta cooker undoubtedly deserves a place in every kitchen. Not only do you save yourself the trouble of cooking with a pan and a sieve, but you also keep capacity on your stove available for other dishes. You also always serve the perfect pasta or noodles, because the thermostat allows you to accurately set the right temperature. Finally, you make the right portions with the pasta baskets. And so you don't have to throw away any of your delicious pasta. This also applies to other dishes where cooking and draining in portions applies. This device is therefore multifunctional.

Time is precious in any catering business. That is why all Maxima devices have a practical design for everyday use. Thanks to a variable thermostat and a temperature indicator light, operation is easy. This allows anyone to use it. The appliances have a basket hanger or a separate drain surface to allow the pasta to drain. This way your kitchen stays clean.

Can I view the devices first?

Yes, that's possible. Would you like to see the differences between the pasta cookers from the 700 cooking line and the 900 cooking line with your own eyes? Or are you curious what the other appliances from these cooking lines look like? You are most welcome in our showroom in Mijdrecht. Please contact [email protected] first to make an appointment. Our colleagues are ready for you at the agreed time and there is plenty of time for appropriate advice. See you soon!

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