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Commercial Microwaves for the lowest price

In a professional kitchen, you should always be able to work quickly and efficiently. That’s one key reason why it’s always useful to have a microwave to hand, allowing you to bring your dishes up to the desired serving temperature in no time at all. At Maxima Kitchen Equipment, you’ll find a range of attractive microwave models to choose from.

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How does a microwave work?

A microwave oven is a handy cooker for quickly preparing and warming up dishes and ingredients. Thanks to invisible microwave radiation, the moisture within the food is heated quickly. To get started, all you need to do is place your dish inside the microwave. Bear in mind, you’ll need to use a microwave-friendly container when cooking with this type of appliance to avoid crockery cracks and damages. Close the door and then select your setting options. There are various pre-programmed options, but you can also opt to select individual values yourself. Use the appliance control panel to determine power intensity and duration details. Then it’s just a case of waiting until the timer winds down to zero before you can enjoy your food at your desired temperature.

What can you use a microwave for?

Microwaves are incredibly versatile appliances. The main function of these kitchen essentials is to heat up food that has become cold. A bowl of soup can be warmed to perfection before serving, while measures of butter can be melted in moments and worked into recipes in seconds. You can also use a microwave to steam vegetables or roast potatoes. However, a microwave oven isn’t only useful for helping you enjoy hot food whenever required. You can also use one to defrost frozen ingredients. There’s no need to worry about waiting hours for food to thaw. A steak from the freezer can be sizzling in the pan in just a few minutes.

What to consider when buying a microwave

It’s important to know in advance how many different setting options a microwave has before investing in one. The more modes available, the easier you’ll find it to select the right cooking methods for all manner of kitchen tasks. Some models only have six different cooking options, while professional microwave ovens can boast upwards of thirty options. It’s also a good idea to check the capacity of any given microwave model to see if it best suits your individual requirement. An extra plate can be placed in a microwave with a capacity of 30 litres, creating a second tier for cooking food. You’ll likely want to invest in a microwave model with a glass door and interior lighting. These essential features will allow you to keep a close eye on the progress of your dishes at all times.

What types of microwave ovens are available?

When you buy a microwave, you have a choice of several main model types. Do you have a smaller kitchen? Then it’s probably best to go for a microwave with a capacity of 25 litres. If you’re working with more space and intend to use your microwave regularly, a 30-litre model is a sensible alternative. Power output is also of paramount importance. The higher the output, the faster the microwave will heat up your food. Microwaves with an output of 1000 watts are a reliable option for those who don’t foresee using their appliance too intensively. If you’re searching for something that will heat up a lot of food in a short time, then a model with an output of 1800 watts is probably your best bet.

How to clean and maintain a microwave oven

It’s very important that you keep the inside of your microwave oven clean, ensuring your entire food preparation area remains hygienic. The best way to keep the inside of your appliance clean is to place a bowl of hot water with a few tablespoons of vinegar added into it inside your microwave. Then turn the machine on at the highest possible setting for five minutes. Once the timer has wound down to zero, remove the bowl and use a soft cloth to wipe the interior clean. Any food residue inside your appliance should have now loosened thanks to the steam released from the bowl of hot water. If your microwave has a separate glass plate, simply remove it and, if necessary, place it in the dishwasher to be cleaned. It’s also good practice to keep the exterior of your microwave clean by wiping it down with a damp cloth and mild detergent regularly.

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