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The Maxima Kitchen Equipment range includes various types of grills that can be used to prepare large quantities of meat simultaneously. When buying the Maxima doner kebab grill, you are buying a professional grill that can handle commercial volumes.

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When can a Maxima doner kebab grill be used?

Doner kebab grills are traditionally used in catering establishments that specialise in Greek, Turkish, and Middle Eastern cuisine. Shawarma shops, kebab houses, and grill rooms are all examples of possible uses for a doner kebab grill, although many other establishments also offer these dishes. For example, pizzerias can offer sandwiches and other dishes that contain grilled meat, while mobile snack bars might also serve variations of these dishes. Cooking appliances like the Maxima doner kebab grill are no longer reserved for use by restaurants that serve South European and North African meat dishes. Whether or not such a grill will be useful in your restaurant depends mainly on what menu you serve, and whether you feel there is an appropriate demand for grilled meat dishes.

What types of Maxima doner kebab grills are available?

At Maxima Kitchen Equipment, you can find a diverse range of doner kebab grill models. The most important difference between them is how the meat is heated. You can choose between models with electric elements or gas burners. By far the most economical model is the single gas burner model. This model comes with a meat skewer which can be rotated manually while the other models are equipped with a motorised skewer which rotates the meat automatically as it is being grilled. The motor is located on the top or bottom of the grill and can rotate the skewer to the left or right side. There is also a choice of models with two, three, four or five gas or electric burners.

How many kilograms of meat can I prepare simultaneously with a Maxima doner kebab grill?

The amount of meat that you can prepare with a kebab grill depends on the number of burners. Models with more burners can roast more meat in one go. The single-burner model can accommodate a total of 10 kg of sliced meat while the two-burner model can accommodate 20 kg. The larger three-burner models can prepare 30 to 40 kg of meat at once, while the four-burner model can prepare up to 70 kg at the same time. The largest five-burner model is suitable for preparing between 80 and 100 kg of meat in one go.

What are the other characteristics of a Maxima doner kebab grill?

Another difference between the models is the length of the vertical skewer. The length of the skewer is determined by the amount of meat that a particular model can roast and, as a result, the skewer in the smallest Maxima doner kebab grill is 300 mm long, while the largest model has an 890 mm long skewer. In addition to these differences, the various grill models also have some similarities. These include:

  • Individually adjustable burner temperatures
  • Stainless steel casing, meat plate and skewer
  • Adjustable meat skewer
  • Rotation speed of one revolution per minute
  • 190 mm meat plate diameter
  • Stainless steel drip tray

How do you clean a Maxima doner kebab grill?

Although a doner kebab grill can remain relatively clean while roasting, it is necessary to sanitise the appliance at regular intervals. This can be done quite quickly, but you should bear in mind that the grill has to cool down before you can start the process. When the grill has cooled down, the meat plate and the skewer can be cleaned with a soft cloth, warm water, and a mild detergent. Because Maxima doner kebab grills have been designed for ease of use and maintenance, keeping the appliance clean is a simple task. The outside of the appliance should be cleaned in the same way to ensure that it lasts for a long time.

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