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Commercial Induction Hobs for the lowest price

An induction hob is ideal for a buffet, for organising cooking workshops or for events on location. Because you cannot take your entire cooker with you, a handy size induction hob makes a very suitable alternative. Also if you don't have enough burners in your catering kitchen to deal with the demand at peak times, you can quickly and easily use a Maxima induction hob to create more space for cooking.

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How does a professional induction hob work?

Induction hobs have an area of magnetic coils, these are the coils that light up red when you switch on the hob. To generate heat, the magnetic coils must make contact with a ferromagnetic material, the induction pan. This material is usually not included in standard pans.

Maxima offers several single induction hobs with ABS or stainless steel housing. The power, temperature and timer can be set digitally. Our appliances respond almost immediately to temperature adjustments.

What types of induction hobs are available?

At Maxima you will find a selection of top quality hobs with power between 2000W and 5000W. Depending on the size of the saucepans and frying pans you want to use, you can choose a larger or smaller hob with more or less power. The hobs are ready to plug in and can be plugged into a wall socket. To operate the induction hob, use the touch-sensitive buttons on the touch panel or the rotary knob.

We also have a special wok induction hob and induction fryers in our range. The wok heater and induction deep fryer have a digital touch panel, just like the induction hobs. The wok plate can handle temperatures between 60 to 240°C, the induction fryer can handle temperatures between 60 to 190°C. The timers are adjustable from 0 to 180 minutes. All models are equipped with a Safety Lock so you can safely use and store the appliance. Furthermore, they are ideal for both home and professional use.

What are the advantages of induction hobs?

Buying a professional induction hob offers a lot of advantages. Because you use induction, the heating and cooling time is relatively short. For example, a pan of water boils twice as fast as on an electric hob. In busy periods, this means that you can quickly add an extra burner to heat a pan of sauce.

In addition, an induction hob provides a lot of energy efficiency. With gas, the heat goes up through the pan, while with induction cooking, the heat is used efficiently. The heat goes directly into the pan and therefore there is much less heat loss. Induction hobs are often used to heat dishes evenly. Another advantage of cooking on a catering induction hob is that on most models you can set the temperature to the exact degree you require. Also, an induction hob itself does not heat up. You will see that the price of these hobs is also considerably less than the cost of a gas or ceramic cooker.

What should you pay attention to when buying a Maxima induction hob?

What is very important when working with induction hobs is the type of pan you use. If you use a normal pan on your induction hob, it will not work. You need a special induction pan that heats up by means of the magnetic field generated by the induction hob. Also, take a good look at the size of your pans. Each induction hob has different dimensions for large or smaller pans.

How do you maintain professional induction hobs?

Induction hobs are very easy to clean. Maxima induction hobs have a top-quality glass plate. These glass plates are black, so you can see grease stains and food residue easily. To clean induction hobs, use a soft microfibre cloth and, if necessary, a specialist cleaning agent for induction hobs. Microfibre cloths have the advantage that they do not leave scratches on the glass. Scouring sponges should therefore certainly not be used. Wipe the hob before use with warm water and also clean the rim of the hob thoroughly so that dirt does not accumulate there.

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