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Hot Dog Warmers for the lowest price

Products that are meant to be consumed warm are normally prepared in advance and as such must remain warm until they are sold. If you offer hot dogs, sausages and frankfurters, Maxima Kitchen Equipment has the ultimate tool for you - the Maxima sausage warmer.

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What is a Maxima sausage warmer used for?

There are many different kinds of catering companies that sell heated food for immediate consumption. Depending on the dish, these products may be prepared on the spot or in advance. Hot sausages are often prepared in advance so that the customer can receive their food immediately. They are sold under various names and in various formats; hot dogs are well known, but there are also bockwurst, frankfurters and bratwurst. These are often sold as street food during fairs, sports and music events, as well as Christmas markets. However, they can also be found in snack bars, cafeterias, petrol stations, beach pavilions, roadside restaurants, 24-hour shops and takeaways. With a Maxima sausage warmer, you can ensure that the sausages that you have prepared in advance are at the right temperature when they are sold.

Which parts does a Maxima sausage warmer consist of?

You will find several types of sausage warmers in the Maxima cooking appliance range. The different models share a similar design and a noticeable feature is a robust basket with its handle and glass cylinder. Sausages can be placed into this basket to keep them warm. The cylinder has a diameter of 200mm and is 240mm high. The basket is placed onto a cooking plate that is also 200mm in diameter in order to heat the sausages inside the cylinder. We also supply a model that comes with four pegs that can be used to heat bread rolls for serving with hot dogs. This feature makes the device ideal for caterers who sell this product.

What are the other characteristics of a Maxima sausage warmer?

You have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to Maxima sausage warmers so that you can purchase the model that best suits your needs. Keep in mind that the model with the heating bars is significantly wider than the standard model at 580mm. The dimensions of the standard model is 460mm high, 360mm wide and 360mm deep. In addition to their basic design, our sausage warmers also have:

  • A stainless steel housing and lid
  • An aluminium water basin
  • The ability to set the temperature between 30 and 100 degrees Celsius
  • A temperature indicator light
  • Efficient heat distribution
  • Handgrips
  • Four rubber feet

What should you look out for in a Maxima sausage warmer?

Are you considering purchasing a sausage warmer for your catering company? Are you wondering if you need a model that can keep bread rolls warm and ready as well? This model has several advantages. Not only can you offer warm sandwiches to your customers, but the rods create a hole that is perfect for the sausage that you will place inside the bread roll. It is worth noting that the extra heating elements will consume more energy and it is, therefore, important to make a careful assessment of your needs.

How do you clean a Maxima sausage warmer?

Our equipment for keeping sausages - and, if desired, bread rolls - warm is highly efficient. They offer practical and easy maintenance and cleaning, which is one of the advantages of the stainless steel construction. Hygiene is a crucial component of any catering company and it is necessary to regularly clean the equipment. All the main parts of a Maxima sausage warmer can be removed and disassembled and, therefore, it takes little effort to clean the machine thoroughly. The lid and the glass cylinder should be wiped with warm water, a soft cloth and a mild detergent. Be sure to dry all the parts with a soft cloth before reassembling the unit for use.

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