A deep fryer is an indispensable device for many chefs since the appliance can be used to prepare a vast array of crunchy dishes in an instant. The Maxima Kitchen Equipment deep fryer range includes a wide variety of different models that cater to every chef's needs. For example, it is possible to purchase a single deep fryer, but double deep fryers are also available.

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How does a deep fryer work?

A deep fryer is a large metal pan that can be filled with oil or fat. On the inside of the deep fryer, there are heating elements that heat the oil. Thanks to a built-in thermometer, it is possible to maintain exactly the right temperature for the food you want to prepare. This temperature can be set low, but deep-frying at high temperatures is also possible. Remember - the higher the temperature, the less fat the prepared product will absorb. The food is placed in a special metal basket with numerous small holes to aid draining, but the biggest advantage of a deep fryer is that the cooking appliance offers a safe way to fry food. This is due to the fact that the oil is not exposed to any open flame that could potentially create a fire hazard, and the top of the pan has a lid that can be closed to eliminate the risk of splashing.

What can you prepare using a deep fryer?

A deep fryer is an incredibly versatile device. It can be used to prepare a wide variety of ingredients such as potatoes and meat, but also pastries and doughnuts. It is usually used to make crispy dishes at a high temperature so they only absorb a small amount of added fat, but it is also possible to fry ingredients at a lower temperature if prefered. This will cook them, but will make them less crunchy. With a deep fryer you can achieve multiple textures, allowing you to offer a versatile and surprising choice of meals.

What should you look out for when purchasing a deep fryer?

There are numerous things that should be kept in mind when deciding on a deep fryer. One of the most important considerations is the choice between an electrical fryer and a gas-fuelled model. While electrical models are generally cheaper, gas models tend to be more efficient at heating up the oil. The size of the deep fryer is also variable, ranging from four to thirty litres. Although large deep fryers can fry more food, they also take up significantly more space in your kitchen. Last but not least, consider opting for a model with a drain valve or tap; these models are much easier to clean than those without the feature.

How do you clean a deep fryer?

It is advisable to check the oil in the deep fryer regularly and to replace it if it is too dirty. It is also important to clean the appliance regularly. Make sure that the deep fryer is completely cooled down before you start this job. Unplug the fryer from the electrical outlet, remove all the oil and then fill the pan with boiling water. If necessary, you can also add some detergent. Let the water soak for about an hour and then remove it from the pan. Are there any pieces of debris still visible in the pan? Then remove them with a special soaking spray. Rinse the appliance once more, fill it with oil or fat and you can start frying again.

How do you use a deep fryer safely?

A deep fryer is filled with oil or fat that can reach temperatures in excess of two hundred degrees and it is therefore important to handle the appliance with care. Only fill the fryer with oil when it is switched off and do not exceed the maximum fill level. Once filled, the fryer can be set to the desired temperature and left to warm up. As soon as the fryer reaches the set temperature, frying can begin. Be careful when adding moist ingredients to the fryer as water can cause the oil to spit. To protect yourself against injuries from splashing oil, make sure to keep the fryer lid closed while it is in operation.