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Donut Maker for the lowest price

The electric donut maker from Maxima is the easiest way to make delicious donuts. The baking pan heats up quickly and does not stick. Thanks to the handy drip tray and the stainless steel exterior, cleaning is easy. Do you want to make up to 500 donuts per hour? Then choose the fully automatic donut machine.

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How do you make mini donuts with a donut maker?

A donut maker is the fastest and easiest way to make the tastiest donuts. Making donut molds yourself is now a thing of the past: you put the dough directly on the baking pan. The double baking tray bakes the donuts immediately on both sides. That way you have time for other things. You can set the temperature and time yourself. This makes it easy for everyone to make professional donuts.

What different donut makers are there?

Maxima has mini donut makers in different sizes, depending on how many donuts you want to make. There are donut makers to make 6 or 12 or 15 donuts at a time. The donut maker makes donuts with a diameter between 45 millimeters and 80 millimeters, depending on the size of the device you use. Do you need a daily high production of 500 donuts per hour? Then choose the fully automatic donut machine. This allows you to make donuts with a diameter between 30 millimeters and 70 millimeters.

What advantages does a donut maker have?

You can make mini donuts at any location because you don't need an oven or deep fryer. This way you keep these devices available for other dishes. The baking tray bakes immediately on both sides and in the right shape. So you don't have to get your hands dirty with loose donut shapes. You can make professional donuts in large quantities with an automatic donut machine. Pour the batter into the bowl and the desired donut shape will go straight into the deep fryer. They are rotated automatically. The donut counter shows you how many people you have made happy with a donut.

Is a donut machine right for my business?

Maxima's mini donut machines are an asset to any catering business. Thanks to the practical sizes and the sturdy stainless steel housing, they can be used anywhere. From canteen to market and from lunchroom to restaurant. Donuts can be made at any time of the day: for breakfast, lunch, dessert or as a snack!

The main features are:

  • Stands on firm feet. Safety comes first.
  • Equipped with a drip tray to keep your kitchen clean.
  • Equipped with a timer. That way your donuts won't burn.
  • Long lasting thanks to its highly durable construction.
  • Variable thermostat to set the right temperature yourself.
  • With a temperature indicator light so you know when you can bake.
  • Hygienic design: no hard-to-clean corners or holes.


How do you clean a mini donut maker?

The electric donut machine from Maxima has an aluminum baking pan with a non-stick coating. This makes it easy to clean it. After use, switch off the appliance and remove the plug from the socket. Start cleaning when the plate is no longer hot, but still feels warm. You can remove the leftovers with a little warm water, a brush, sponge or damp cloth. Do not use aggressive cleaning agents. Make sure you don't scrape your record with sharp objects. This keeps the plate nice and black. This is the non-stick coating. Then dry the plate with a soft cloth. You can also wipe the stainless steel exterior with a cloth. This way you can enjoy your Maxima donut machine for a long time and you always start clean and hygienic.

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