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The crepes griddle from Maxima Kitchen Equipment is ideal for baking traditional French crepes. Because the griddle reaches very high temperatures, you can have your crepes cooked and ready to eat within a few moments. Crepes trays are available in various models, including options with two baking trays.

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What is a crepes griddle?

With the help of a crepes griddle, you can whip up perfectly cooked French pancakes at home. The machine uses a large round griddle tray that can be heated up to temperatures of 300 degrees. It’s possible to regulate the temperature of the tray itself, thus creating ideal baking conditions for the batter. As heat is evenly distributed, crepes are quick to cook with perfect results. It’s also incredibly easy to remove these thin pancakes from the tray when they’re done, with no raised edges to worry about. The baking, turning and serving of crepes is therefore made all-the-more easier thanks to this essential bit of cooking equipment.

What to consider when choosing a crepes griddle

There are a number of things to think about when picking out a crepes griddle. You can choose between models with one baking tray provided, as well as models with two trays. A double crepes griddle is particularly handy when you want to bake a lot of crepes in a short amount of time, however, they also take up more space when cooking. Think about the diameter of the trays you’re looking at. The larger they are, the larger your crepes will be. For baking multiple crepes, it’s also useful to have a storage drawer built into the tray. These drawers are located underneath the tray and keep the first crepes cooked warm while you finish the batch. It’s also worth looking into trays that allow you to regulate the temperature accurately.

How to use a crepes griddle

When you begin using a crepes griddle, it’s important to heat it up to the right temperature. Once you have, apply a few drops of oil to the tray, then spread it evenly across the surface of the tray. After you’ve done this, apply a spoonful of crepe batter. Make sure you spread this batter over the entire surface of the tray as quickly as possible. This is done using a special spatula that ensures even distribution. Average baking time per side is about one minute. Once the first side is cooked, turn the crepe over using a large flat spatula. Cook the crepe on the other side before removing it from the tray.

What can you prepare with a crepes griddle?

Due to its shape, the griddle is ideal for making crepes. With the help of the baking tray, you can prepare these tasty thin pancakes in no time at all. The high temperatures of the machine ensure the crepe cooks evenly and is quickly finished and ready to serve. This ensures crepes are always deliciously fresh and can be made any time hunger strikes. The warmth of the griddle also lends itself to the melting of all manner of toppings such as chocolate and cheese. Apply any toppings once the crepe has been turned and then fold the French pancake over before serving it.

How do you clean crepes griddles?

For the maintenance of your crepe griddle, it’s important you keep the tray itself clean during baking. This means that you should remove any scraps of batter or toppings directly from the griddle plate before baking a new crepe. This is best done with a metal spatula. Finished baking? Then let the tray cool down completely before you continue to clean it. First, do this with a dry cloth, removing any loose crumbs from the cast iron plate. Then, go over the plate one more time with a damp cloth or clean with a kitchen sponge. Avoid the use of any aggressive cleaning solutions as these can damage non-stick coatings.

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