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A Maxima contact grill is a professional baking appliance that no catering establishment should be without. There are various contact grill models available in the Maxima Kitchen Equipment line-up. You can buy the grill you like via our website, or by visiting our showroom.

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What is a Maxima contact grill?

A contact grill consists of two ribbed baking plates, between which food can be placed and heated to a high temperature. The result is that perfectly grilled food will emerge from the grill. Preparing food using a contact grill is seen as a healthy way of food preparation since little or no cooking oil is used in the process. As an entrepreneur in the hotel and catering industry, you can serve low-fat food to your customers when you prepare meals using a contact grill. It doesn't take long to prepare meals with a contact grill and working with the appliance is easy. With a Maxima contact grill, you can quickly achieve excellent results. By using this simple device, you can serve grilled foods with consistent quality, taste and the right amount of crunch.

Which products can be prepared with a Maxima contact grill

Contact grills are suitable for heating and grilling a wide range of foods. Since the dimensions of the grilling plates are rather small, these appliances are generally suitable for use during preparation of smaller dishes. Contact grills are ideal for the preparation of grilled sandwiches like paninis, toasted sandwiches and croquettes. Croque monsieurs, croque madames and other croque variants can also be prepared, as well as meat, fish and some vegetables. However, since the grilling plates are on top of each other, not all vegetables can fit into a contact grill.

What options are available to choose from in the Maxima contact grill range?

Maxima Kitchen Equipment sells several different contact grill models. The models can be distinguished from each other by the number of grilling plates they have. You can order a single or double grill plate model; double plate models are wider than single plate models but the other dimensions remain the same for both models. The dimensions of the internal grilling plates are also similar across the range, with the exception of the panini contact grill. The panini grill plates are slightly larger and measure 335 x 200mm. The grill plater of the MCG BIG SM model differs from the others in that they have a smooth surface whilst the other models are equipped with grooved grill plates.

What are the other characteristics of a Maxima contact grill?

The main differences between the various contact and toasting grills can be found in the size and design of the grilling section. In terms of weight, the grills vary from 17.5 to 24kg but in most other ways these bar and kitchen appliances are very similar. The grilling temperature can be adjusted between 0 and 300 degrees Celsius on most models. If you are interested in buying a Maxima contact grill, you should first take a look at the number of grilling plates and their sizes before you make a decision on which grill to buy. General characteristics include:

  • Stainless steel housing and handle
  • Robust, cast iron grill plates
  • Drip trays
  • Excellent heat distribution
  • One or two temperature indicators
  • Included cleaning brush

How do you clean a Maxima contact grill?

Cooking equipment requires regular maintenance and it is no different with grills. Because the food is prepared directly on the grill plate, the grill plate will almost always be dirty with leftover bread, meat, fish, vegetables or other food particles, including melted cheese. Luckily, cleaning your Maxima contact grill is the easiest thing in the world. Simply use some hot water and a mild detergent to clean the outside of the grill with a soft cloth. You can then clear the grill plates with the supplied cleaning brush to remove debris. By carrying out these simple maintenance tasks regularly, your grill will always be kept in perfect condition.

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