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Chimney Cake Makers for the lowest price

Surprise your guests with a different sweet snack than the average classics. A traditional Kurtos Kalacs , chimney cake, or chimney cake is a treat in many different variations. As a cheerful dessert or as street food; this snack suits every occasion. With a chimney cake oven or grill you can easily make them yourself

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What is a chimney cake?

Chimney cake is a sweet snack that has been popular in Hungary and Romania for centuries. This traditional dessert is originally called Kürtöskalács , but it is known by various names such as Kurtos Kalacs, Horn Cake, Hungarian Cake, Chimney Cake / Cake or simply 'cake on a stick'. It is a sweet bun, with a crunchy outside and a hollow inside. The chimney cake gets its name from its shape; the bun is cone-shaped or cylindrical, and the hollow inside makes it look just like a chimney, especially when it just comes out of the oven. To make a chimney cake, roll dough over a cone-shaped wooden roll that has a stick with a handle on it. With this you can roll the dough in (vanilla) sugar, after which you can bake the bread over a wood fire, in a grill or stone oven or on a special chimney cake oven. The sugar will caramelize during cooking. The traditional Kurtos Kalacs is then rolled in cinnamon powder and sugar, but you can also add your own twist to this snack. Popular ingredients for your kalács include walnuts, hazelnuts, coconut, cocoa, almonds and honey. For example, you can make a savory variant with cheese, herbs and olives, but you can also make an even sweeter snack by using sprinkles, Nutella or other chocolate products.

What is a Chimney Cake Oven / Kurtos Kalacs Oven?

The traditional way to make a chimney cake is on a smoldering wood fire where you cook the wooden roll while rotating. (Just like you do with marshmallows.)
But you probably don't always have a smoldering fire ready. You also don't have the time to keep holding the wooden roll. An electric chimney cake oven is the easiest way to bake eight chimney cakes at once. When you have rolled the dough around the wooden chimney holder, you have already done most of the work. You place the wooden holders in the oven and set the desired temperature with the handy rotary knob of the thermostat. The electric chimney cake oven automatically rotates the cakes. This way you bake the cakes nice and crispy.

What is the difference between a Chimney Cake Grill and a Chimney Cake Oven?

In addition to the electric oven, Maxima Kitchen Equipment also has a chimney cake grill. Just like with the oven, you can make eight kurtos kalács at the same time with this electric grill. At the grill, the cake holders also rotate automatically and the temperature can be adjusted with a thermostat. It just depends on whether you prefer a baked sandwich or a sandwich from the grill. Two differences that you have to take into account are the size and the voltage. The oven is a standing appliance and has a 'normal' 230 Volt plug. The grill is a wide / horizontal device and works on the 'big' 400 volt plug. For safety, the grill can be covered with a lid and the oven has a handy glass door. Thanks to this design, you can easily clean both devices. The smooth stainless steel housing also contributes to this.

Is a Chimney Cake Oven suitable for my catering business?

The chimney cake lends itself perfectly to all 'on location' outlets. Think of food trucks or market stalls at festivals, and (Christmas) markets, street sales, and all kinds of events. Surprise your guests with a different snack with a chimney cake. Oliebollen, waffles, churros, donuts, crêpes, and poffertjes are well-known delicacies during events. The chimney cake may be less known, but it fits perfectly in this list of 'street food'. But in your cafe, lunchroom or restaurant, this cookie will look good on your dessert menu among the average cookies and cakes. Maxima has even more handy cooking equipment for comparable snacks. From donut machines, to waffle irons, and from poffertjes plates to churros machines.

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