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Commercial Bakery Ovens for the lowest price

What kind of products lend themselves to Maxima baking ovens?

Each oven has its own specific uses. When you decide to buy an oven, you need to know exactly for which application you will be using the oven. In the case of a baking oven, the intended use is more or less clear - Maxima baking ovens are intended to bake pre-baked items for a second time before they are actually consumed. This is quite useful for sandwiches like pistolets, kaiser bread and baguettes. You can also prepare pre-cooked bread rolls by heating them briefly at a high temperature to create a crunchy exterior and a warm inside; in this way, the bread rolls appear to be fresh from the oven.

For which types of catering companies are Maxima baking ovens intended?

Because baking ovens are used mainly to prepare sandwiches for consumption, this type of oven is intended specifically for catering establishments with bread-based items on their menu. They are often found in places like bakeries where fresh bread is served and are sometimes referred to as bakery ovens. The ovens can, however, also be used in other catering establishments such as lunchrooms, sandwich shops and hotels that serve sandwiches at breakfast. The ovens are also ideal for use in selling points where bread that has not been baked on-site is sold as the ovens can be used to re-heat packaged bread for a crisp, fresh taste. In this way, packaged bread can be stored for weeks.

What are the differences between Maxima baking ovens, combi-steamers and convection ovens?

When it comes to functionality and possibilities there aren't many differences between a baking oven and a combi-steamer oven. The most important difference can be found in the dimensions of combi-steamers and baking ovens. Maxima's baking ovens are based on the bakers standard, which means that the ovens have trays that measure 60 x 40cm. In general, convection ovens have different dimensions, eg. 43.5 x 31.5cm. Furthermore, some oven models have the capability to grill or steam food as well as making sandwiches.

What are the characteristics of Maxima ovens?

The bakery and baking ovens that can be bought from Maxima Kitchen Equipment often have similar characteristics. They are equipped with an adjustable thermostat that can be set between 50 and 270 degrees Celcius. Some models also have timers that allow you to control the baking time precisely and you can view the progress and oven status by means of a digital display and indicator lights. With these features, you can be sure that you always serve perfectly prepared bread. Some other features found in Maxima baking ovens are:

  • A robust, stainless steel construction
  • A stainless steel interior
  • Interior lighting
  • Efficiant heat distribution
  • An adjustable door with athermic glazing
  • Trays measuring 40 x 60cm

What are some of the considerations when purchasing a Maxima baking oven?

There are several things which you should take into account if you plan to purchase a Maxima baking oven. When buying an oven, it is important to take the energy consumption as well as the operating temperature of the device into consideration. External dimensions are also an important factor to keep in mind and are especially important if your kitchen is on the smaller side or when the oven needs to fit in with other cooking appliances. In addition, you should also consider how frequently the oven is used, especially when bread-based products are not your main focus.

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