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Slush Puppy Machines for the lowest price

At Maxima Kitchen Equipment you can find everything that you would need for the professional hospitality industry. We don't skip any device, which is why you can also get a Maxima slush granita machine from us to help you prepare delicious ice-based drinks.

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What is a Maxima slush granita machine?

Slush machines are devices which are primarily used to create slush puppies - a delicious combination of ice and syrup which is extremely popular with children. Slush puppies, however, are not the only drink that can be prepared with this bar appliance. The appliance can also be used to prepare drinks such as iced coffee and frozen cocktails like margaritas and daiquiris. It takes about 60 to 90 minutes to prepare a slush puppy mix and it is important to make sure that you use the correct quantities and proportions of fat and sugar to give the slush it's well-known structure. Sugar also prevents the ice from freezing and protects the slush machine from damage.

Which Maxima slush granita machines are available?

The Maxima Kitchen Equipment range contains two slush machine models; the standard version and the deluxe. The most important difference between the Maxima slush granita and the deluxe slush granita can be seen in the dimensions of their polycarbonate tanks. The deluxe model is equipped with a 12-litre slush tank while the standard model comes with a 15-litre slush tank. Either slush machine model can be equipped with one, two, or three tanks, which means that you can offer your customers up to three flavours at a time when using one slush machine.

Are there any other differences between the Maxima deluxe and standard slush granita machines?

The number of tanks and reservoir volumes is not the only differences between the two machine models. On a more detailed level, the deluxe model has a digital control panel and it is also equipped with lights to create a better visual appeal. In addition, the deluxe model has a wider temperature range than the standard model and it can cool the slush mix down to -7 degrees instead of the -4 degrees that the standard model offers. The deluxe model also offers a night and day mode that increases the machines operating efficiency and it comes with a stylish plastic housing for greater visual appeal. The simpler standard model is made from durable stainless steel and offers reliability and simplicity.

What are the most important considerations when buying a Maxima slush granita machine?

If you are planning to add a slush maker to your existing bar equipment line up, it may be wise to determine if you require a 12 or 15-litre model, as well as the number of tanks that you need per machine. Your personal preferences and client needs can be used as a guide when deciding on a specific model. With Maxima slush granita machines you can manage the temperature of each machine as well as control the slush tanks independently of each other. Mixing ratios can also be adjusted separately so that you can get the maximum use from your slush machine and produce slush puppies, frozen cocktails and iced coffee at the same time.

How to maintain and clean a Maxima slush granita machine effectively

In order to ensure that your slush machine operates as desired, it is important that you apply grease to the individual moving parts on a regular basis. Apart from this, the machine also requires regular cleaning. To do this, switch off the freezing function before filling the tanks with water and draining them again after a few minutes. The stirring elements and rubber components can be removed from the tanks and cleaned with warm water and mild detergent mix. The outside housing of your Maxima slush granita machine can also be cleaned with a warm cloth and mild detergent.

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