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Percolators for the lowest price

A Maxima Percolator will make delicious coffee for large groups of people. At Maxima Kitchen Equipment, we sell coffee percolators that are professional, beautifully finished, high-quality machines. We always keep prices low.

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In which catering establishments do you find a Maxima percolator?

Any business serving a lot of coffee or that deals with large groups of people will find a percolator to be an asset. By this, we don't just mean coffee houses. Using a Maxima percolator for large groups of people during breakfast and lunch, for example, is crucial in the catering industry. This type of bar equipment, therefore, can have a wider use outside the traditional hospitality environment. These types of coffee machines can be handy in the kitchens of companies and conference rooms. Percolators also lend themselves to use in other establishments, including:

  • coffee bars
  • motorway restaurants
  • lunchrooms
  • hotel breakfasts and lunches
  • sports canteens
  • station restaurants
  • catering providers at airports

What are the components of a Maxima percolator?

A percolator has a simple structure focusing on functionality and efficiency. The outside is made of stainless steel. On top is a stainless steel lid, which has a plastic handle. Two heat-resistant carrying handles are fitted high on the sides of the percolator and a few centimetres under the lid. This makes the coffee machine easy to move around. An empty Maxima percolator already weighs a few kilos, so it's advisable to use a serving trolley when moving long distances. Under the lid, the coffee machine has a removable stainless steel filter, while at the bottom there is a faucet on the outside. A size gauge indicates how much coffee is left in the percolator.

Which Maxima percolator models are there?

At Maxima Kitchen Equipment you can order two types of coffee percolators online. The construction and the accompanying accessories are the same for each as our percolators have a tried and tested design, in which no improvements or changes are required. The two versions that we sell differ from each other only in their capacity. The largest Maxima percolator has a height of about 60cm and a capacity of 15 litres. This is enough for 120 cups of coffee. The other model is about 50cm high and will make and store 10 litres of percolator coffee, which corresponds to 80 cups. The average time to make a full jug of coffee for both percolators is between 45 and 60 minutes.

What are important points to consider when purchasing a Maxima percolator?

If such a coffee maker will be useful for you depends on how many cups you serve per day. However, you should remember that freshly brewed coffee can be stored in a percolator for some time. There are separate systems for production and keeping them warm although you can't leave the coffee for hours on end. Have you already decided to buy a Maxima percolator? Then the expected or average number of cups of coffee you sell every day should be the main consideration when making your choice. Instead of buying, you can also lease the most suitable coffee percolator from us for a small monthly charge.

How do you maintain and clean a Maxima percolator?

Proper maintenance and regular cleaning are essential to preserve and maintain the operation of the appliance whether you buy this professional coffee maker outright or through a lease agreement. The condition of your percolator obviously also influences the quality of the coffee it makes. The inside, the percolator tube and the filter must be cleaned with non-abrasive detergent. Also, don't forget to rinse your Maxima percolator with water. The inside of the percolator should also be cleaned regularly with a solvent made specifically for coffee deposits. For economical and trouble-free operation, a periodic descaling with a scale solvent is also necessary. You should use a mild detergent for external cleaning.

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