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When purchasing a Maxima Kitchen Equipment citrus press, you are buying a professional appliance that can help you to produce fresh citrus juices for your customers. We offer a wide variety of models and you will easily be able to find one that works for your needs.

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Why would you want to purchase a Maxima citrus press?

Whether or not you choose to add a citrus press to existing bar equipment you have will depend on a few things. First, there must be a demand from your customers, and the drinks that can be produced with the appliance must match the rest of your drinks menu. Fresh orange juice, for example, is often consumed on warm sunny days but is also suitable in the mornings and afternoons. If you own a lunchroom, sandwich shop or beach pavilion it may be a good idea to invest in a Maxima citrus press. A citrus press is also ideal for places like gyms because of the healthy nature of juice. At the low purchase price, a citrus press often pays for itself within the first month

What is the difference between an electrical and automatic Maxima citrus press?

There are significant differences between electrical and automatic citrus presses. As the name suggests, an automatic citrus press is able to press the juice from fruits independently, while an electrical citrus press requires more human involvement in order to squeeze juice from fruits. Most automatic self-service citrus presses are equipped with a feeding basket that can hold 8, 20 or even 40 kilograms of oranges at one time. An electric Maxima juicer can be operated by placing a lime, grapefruit or orange on the press section in order to extract the juice from the fruit. The range also includes a model that can be activated via a lever placed on top of the machine.

Which other properties does a Maxima citrus press have?

Apart from the standard feeding system or pressing lever, Maxima juicers can have varied characteristics and properties, for example:

  • Water resistant control buttons
  • Sliding arm for fruit waste removal
  • Digital orange counter
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Multiple safety switches
  • Easy to remove X-Cross system for cleaning of the press mechanism

In addition, certain automatic self-service models may include a waste bin in their pricing, however, a wheeled chassis with a waste bin can also be purchased separately. Waste bins are available in multiple versions since they can be used with specific citrus press models it is important that you pay attention to the model you have in order to find the right wastebasket for your device.

What are the most important parts in a Maxima citrus press?

The parts that can be used to make up an automatic, semi-automatic or electric citrus press can be quite diverse. Presses can be equipped with a plastic cap, upper basket, press parts, peeling guides, a knife and a taping mechanism or spout. Electric press models are not equipped with a storage basket, but rather with a single press head and some models, such as the 32LH XL catering citrus press, are also equipped with a screen made from transparent plastic. Maxima citrus presses can be equipped with multiple interchangeable press heads so that you can press multiple fruit types, including limes, oranges and grapefruit, with one machine. In addition, both electric and manual press models are equipped with a drip tray that incorporates a single or double juice filter for collecting seeds and pulp. The collection trays are manufactured from stainless steel or plastic.

How do you clean an electric or automatic Maxima citrus press?

The individually removable press parts can be removed for easy cleaning and they can be washed using a dishwasher, or by hand, if needed. Washing the parts by hand instead of using a dishwasher has the advantage of preserving the colours for longer. The outer housing and front of the Maxima citrus press can be cleaned using a sponge and some mild detergent. After cleaning the press, it can be dried using a soft, clean cloth. To ensure hygiene and maintain the quality of the appliance, we recommend that the press be cleaned at least once per day.

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