Orange Juicer

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Maxima Orange Juicer

Delicious, freshly squeezed Orange Juice is something that cannot miss on your menu. This healthy beverage was and will always be very popular during breakfast and lunch. Preferably made of the riper oranges to create a delicious sweet-and-sour orange juice. Did you know that the most vitamins are preserved when orange juice is served within 10 minutes after squeezing the oranges? To create the perfect and healthiest orange juice the Maxima Orange Juicer is your best friend.

In our extensive collection you will find a professional orange juicer that is suitable for your business, whether you have a hotel, bar, or restaurant. We have an orange juicer that can squeeze about 20 oranges a minute and an orange juicer that can squeeze up to at least 40 oranges per minute. The Self-Service Orange Juicer is also suitable for lemons, limes and mandarins. No matter which juice you want to serve your customers, our Juicer will squeeze it all!

We will help you to our best abilities. We pay a lot of attention to your needs, our customer support is always available with a strong knowledge of our orange juicer. We want to make sure that even after your purchase your questions about any of our other products will be answered. Our technical support is available for you to help you with any difficulties.

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