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A Maxima juicer is an important bar accessory for the modern hotel and catering company. With a centrifuge, you can quickly and easily make vitamin-rich fruit juices and healthy vegetable smoothies. Maxima Kitchen Equipment juicers are excellent quality and are inexpensively priced.

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Why is a Maxima juicer indispensable to my needs?

Many people are concerned with a healthy lifestyle. As a hotel and catering business owner you can take advantage of this demand by putting healthy options on your menu, but don't forget the drinks menu! Whereas in the past healthy drinks might have been limited to orange juice, these days there are a number of other choices. If you really want to stand out from the crowd, make your own fresh juices with a Maxima juicer. Serve up delicious orange juice, apple juice, grapefruit juice or any other fruit juice, and centrifuges can also be used to prepare vegetable smoothies.

Which Maxima juicer should I choose?

In our range of bar equipment we have several types of juicers. These are suitable for making various drinks, so it is wise to determine in advance which juices to offer. If you want to make smoothies or juices from hard vegetables then the MJ-5000 is the ideal machine. This Maxima juicer is suitable for apples, carrots and peppers. To make your menu of healthy drinks more flexible, the MJ-2000 is the best purchase. With this versatile device, you can make juice from both hard and soft fruits, and vegetables can easily be converted into tasty drinks. In contrast to the aluminium MJ-5000, the MJ-2000 has a plastic housing. The internal components in both are made of stainless steel.

What is the difference between a Maxima juicer and blender?

To make fresh smoothies and juices you can choose between various food processors, blenders and juicers. Maxima juicers, citrus juicers and blenders differ in a number of respects. The most striking difference is the number of revolutions per minute. Citrus presses have the slowest rotation speed with 1800 rpm. They are only suitable for fruit such as limes and oranges. Blenders have a lightening fast rotation speed of 20,000-28,000 rpm and are also suitable for making crushed ice, among other things. Our juice centrifuges make between 3400 and 7200 revolutions per minute and are perfect for fruit for which a juicer is not powerful enough. As mentioned, it also liquefies vegetables.

For which catering establishments is a Maxima juice extractor suitable?

Because a centrifugal juicer can also process vegetables into smoothies, this type of juicer is suitable for bars and kitchens in many different catering establishments. Smoothies are usually thicker than fruit juices and for this reason, they are not usually served as a drink with breakfast, lunch or dinner. Fruit juices, on the other hand, are often mentioned on the breakfast menus of hotels and restaurants as standard. In general, these juicers are more suitable for kitchens and catering providers that focus on healthy products and snacks. Catering companies where you can find a Maxima juicer include:

  • health clubs
  • sports and fitness schools
  • organic takeaways
  • vegan eateries
  • sports canteens

How to maintain and clean a Maxima Juice extractor?

The juicers are totally user-friendly and they are especially easy to clean. The whole appliance cannot be washed in the dishwasher because of the electric connection. However, the stainless steel parts can be washed in the dishwasher. Removable parts that require regular cleaning include the sieve, the grater and the bowl. The sump for pulp and fruit waste should not be forgotten. A Maxima juicer with a plastic housing can be cleaned with a damp cloth and a mild detergent. Abrasive or otherwise aggressive agents must be avoided at all times. If you comply with all precautionary measures and maintenance instructions, your juicer will serve superior quality fresh fruit and vegetable juices to your customers for years to come.

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