Ice Cube Maker

Maxima Kitchen Equipment helps you in every conceivable way to serve chilled products. In order to chill your drinks to the right low temperature, use the Maxima ice cube maker for your catering business needs.

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Why is a Maxima ice cube maker a good purchase?

An ice cube maker is indispensable in a catering establishment. This type of bar equipment can also be a good investment for a catering company that works on location. Ice cubes are used for soft drinks and spirits and liqueurs, to serve cocktails and other alcoholic mixes on the rocks. In addition, the ice ensures that the drinks stay cool. This is especially important in the summer. Furthermore, ice cubes give drinks an attractive, refreshing and stylish look. Thanks to a professional Maxima ice cube maker your hotel and catering business can serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks with class and at the right temperature.

For which hospitality industries are Maxima ice cube machines suitable?

Ice cube machines have many applications, but they are particularly suitable for those in the hospitality industry who specialise in selling chilled drinks in a glass. There is generally a greater demand for drinks with ice cubes in the summer than in the winter, although not always, and it depends on what type of establishments you are running. Hospitality companies that use Maxima ice cube machines include:

  • cocktail bars
  • cafés
  • nightclubs and discotheques
  • hotel bars and dining rooms
  • beach pavilions
  • fast-food restaurants
  • snack bars
  • catering providers at summer events

What should you consider when you buy a Maxima ice cube maker?

Whether your hospitality establishment should use an ice cube maker, is partly determined by the type of company you are running. You can find out more on our category pages for bar equipment, but first ask yourself what you will use the ice cubes for; maybe you have a self-service element to your trade or perhaps the ice cube machine will be behind the bar or in the kitchen. Consider how many ice cubes you will need every day. Also, consider how much space you can reserve for such a machine.

What types of Maxima ice cube machines can you order?

Maxima Kitchen Equipment offers you lots of ice cube and ice flake machines to choose from. They come in various heights, from 60 cm to 90 cm. The machines fit perfectly behind the bar or in the kitchen. If these ice machines are too high or too wide, or if you don’t need so much ice, then consider the compact table model with a height of 34.5 cm. You can use it to make different types of ice cubes. Each Maxima ice cube machine has a different production capacity. In 24 hours, the table model makes 15 kg ice cubes; the 90 cm model produces 80 kg. The largest flake ice machine is good for 85 kg.

What other characteristics do Maxima Ice-cube machines possess?

Ice makers produce ice and they provide an ice storage cabinet. In each Maxima ice cube maker, you can store a certain amount for later use. This varies from 1 kg in the tabletop model to 25 kg in the largest ice cube maker. The flake ice models have a storage capacity of between 7 kg and 20 kg. Other characteristics of our ice cube machines include:

  • stainless steel housing and door
  • interior walls made of ABS plastic
  • overload protection
  • air-cooled from the rear or side
  • rests on four adjustable legs
  • equipped with a water valve

If you have any questions or queries, contact our customer service department at Maxima Kitchen Equipment.