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What can you use a Maxima Water boiler for?

There is a big difference between water boilers designed for the hotel and catering industry and those designed for private use. In the private kitchen, these appliances are in fact a modern variant of the old-fashioned whistling water boiler. Limited to heating an amount of water to boiling point, the water boiler designed for home use is a compact type of cookware. The water boilers created for professional caterers, and which can be purchased from us, are completely different. Thanks to their size, they can be used for heating and maintaining the temperature of heated water for large groups. In fact, a Maxima water boiler has a lot of potential as it can be used to heat water for tea, as well as for products such as instant soup, noodles and chocolate milk.

What parts does a Maxima Water boiler consist of?

The water heaters or water boilers produced by Maxima Kitchen Equipment are professional appliances that are worthy of a place in your kitchen. They feature a heating element at the bottom of the appliance, which brings the water in the boiler to the right temperature. The beautiful housing and the lid are made of stainless steel. There is a plastic knob attached to the lid of the Maxima water boiler, ensuring it can be lifted. Moving the boiler is also easily done, thanks to the insulated carrying handles on the side of the jug. Moving a full water boiler over a longer distance is best done using a serving trolley. The robust faucet on the front of the boiler ensures that the water can be easily tapped, and makes obtaining the correct amount of boiled water simple.

How do Maxima water boilers differ from one another?

In terms of technical specifications and aesthetic finish, our water boilers don’t differ from each other much at all. The most significant difference is that one Maxima water boiler can hold 10 litres and the other can hold 20 litres. There are, therefore, also some variations in dimensions; although the 20-litre hot water dispenser is not significantly larger than the 10-litre. The first model is just over 10cm taller, but in terms of diameter, the two models hardly differ. The main difference is in weight. The 20-litre dispenser weighs 3.6kg; almost one kilo more than the 10-litre model. When purchasing this kitchen- and bar equipment, the capacity is the deciding factor.

What features are there on a Maxima water boiler?

Using a water boiler is extremely easy: You just turn on the appliance and the water boiler does the rest. Our hot water dispensers do more than just boil water and ensure you get the right amount. These devices are equipped with a control knob to ensure the heating temperature is indicated accurately. This is located close to the faucet and makes it possible to set a temperature between 30 and 110 degrees Celsius. The average heating time is 20-30 minutes. Other features of a Maxima water boiler include:

  • a gauge glass with a level gauge
  • an indicator lamp highlighting the temperature
  • four rubber feet

How should a Maxima water boiler be cleaned?

Although these types of water heaters are only used to heat water, it certainly does no harm to clean the inside of the device at regular intervals. It is possible that through use, limescale will be deposited on the heating element, which in turn can negatively affect the performance of your water boiler – especially in the long term. Cleaning the inside of the hot water dispenser can be done by boiling a mixture of water and vinegar, or by soaking a mixture of water and de-scaler for 15 minutes. Afterwards, rinse the water boiler thoroughly and clean it with a clean cloth. A damp cloth soaked in water or a mild detergent is sufficient to clean the stainless steel exterior.

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