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Glass Frosters for the lowest price

In order to serve ice cold drinks, buy a glass freezer from Maxima Kitchen Equipment. A Maxima glass freezer not only cools down your drinks on warm summer days, but it also adds an elegant layer of ice to your glasses.

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How does a Maxima glass freezer work?

Glass freezers are extremely useful and do not require any electricity to run, which makes them extra flexible. The only thing that is required in order to operate this bar appliance is a tank of liquid carbon dioxide. After connecting the Maxima glass freezer to a liquid carbon dioxide source, you can add an elegant ice layer to any glass in just a few seconds. The appliance effectively cools down the glass to around minus 15, which creates a professional visual effect and keeps the contents chilled for a long time. This cooling effect is ideal in summer and it improves the taste of your drinks as well as sterilising the glass.

Where in the hospitality industry can a Maxima glass freezer be used?

A Maxima glass freezer can be used widely and it has many different applications in the catering industry. The fact that the appliance doesn't require any electrical connection to work and gives glasses a professional appearance makes it perfect for use in the following establishments:

  • Cocktail bars
  • Cafes
  • Beach pavilions
  • Restaurants
  • Hotel bars
  • Night clubs

Many different drinks such as beer, wine, champagne, gin and tonic, and Aperol are suitable for use with a glass freezer.

Which materials are used in the construction of a Maxima glass freezer?

Glass freezers are very robust devices and they come with a sleek and stylish look and compact dimensions that allow them to be placed on almost any bar surface. The appliance housing is made from aluminium alloy for a stylish look. The head of the Maxima glass freezer is made using stainless steel, and glasses of varying shapes and sizes can be placed underneath it for freezing. The device can be installed very quickly and easily. In order to mount the glass freezer soundly on any bar counter, the device is fitted with a clamp that can be used to firmly secure the appliance to the bar counter so that it doesn't topple over when being used.

What should you look out for when purchasing or leasing a Maxima glass freezer?

Thanks to a simple and manual operating procedure, using the glass freezer don't require any technical knowledge, although some experience can be beneficial. The appliance is equipped with indicator lights that can be used by bar staff to monitor the appliance status; these lights are operated via two batteries and you should, therefore, ensure that the batteries are in place before using the appliance. An important factor to keep in mind is that a glass freezer can only be used in areas where the temperature doesn't exceed 27 degrees Celsius. You can also lease glass freezers from us.

How do you clean a Maxima glass freezer?

In contrast to most other bar appliances, a glass freezer doesn't become extremely dirty. That does of course not mean that the appliance doesn't require maintenance and cleaning on occasion. With regards to maintenance, it is important to ensure that the carbon dioxide cylinder contains enough liquid carbon dioxide for operation. In addition to this, a Maxima glass freezer has a few other components that require periodic inspection. To clean the outer housing of the glass freezer, simply use a soft cloth, warm water and some mild detergent to remove any residue. By maintaining and cleaning your glass freezer regularly, you can significantly extend its service life.

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