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Commercial Espresso Machines for the lowest price

Where in the hospitality industry is a Maxima espresso machine likely to be used?

Coffee is a popular drink, which is drunk all over the world. There are many different methods of preparation, espresso being one of them. Because espresso and other styles of coffee are popular with the general public, a Maxima espresso machine is an excellent purchase for many hospitality companies. You will find this kind of coffee maker in establishments including:

  • coffee shops
  • motorway restaurants
  • cafés
  • lunchrooms
  • cafeterias
  • hotel bars
  • coffee corners in supermarkets and department stores

An espresso machine is an excellent addition to the bar equipment of any catering establishment.

Which Maxima espresso machines are available?

Maxima Kitchen Equipment supplies several different types of espresso machines. The simplest version is the Elegance model with one piston or dispensing point. This model has a 6-litre boiler, which can produce 240 cups of espresso per hour. The somewhat larger version has two dispensing points and allows you to serve 480 cups per hour. The boiler of this machine has the same volume as the smaller one. The Grande is a Maxima espresso machine with at least two pistons and a boiler of 11.5 litres, with which you can make 480 espressos in one hour. With the Grande version with three taps and a built-in boiler of 17.5 litres, you can serve 720 cups per hour.

What additional accessories are available for a Maxima espresso machine?

When you purchase an espresso machine, you are buying a versatile catering appliance that is ready for immediate use. Four different doses can be set per piston for different coffee preparations. Our espresso machines also have a tap for hot water and a swivel arm for steam. The steam arm is used to froth milk, which allows you to make cappuccino, caffè latte or latte macchiato. Additional available accessories include a milk froth nozzle, a coffee beater, a coffee grinder, a barista set and a water softener. These expand the possibilities of your Maxima espresso machine even further and guarantee the consistent quality of your espressos and other coffees.

What should you consider when buying a Maxima espresso machine?

When selecting an espresso machine, the first consideration is how many pistons or dispensing points you need. The more the machine has, the more espressos you can serve per hour. Of course, the more elaborate models also come with a higher price tag. It is therefore wise to have a clear picture of how many cups of espresso you expect to serve each day and to make a realistic calculation based on this. If purchasing a professional Maxima espresso machine outright is too big a step for your business or if you want to test how many espressos you sell per day, then it is possible to lease an espresso machine for a monthly fee.

How do you clean a Maxima espresso machine and how do you prevent problems?

The daily cleaning of an espresso machine is quite simple and more or less self-explanatory. The group head is self-cleaning and is equipped with an automatic backwash. A cleaning membrane and hose for the supply of water are also available. To prevent damage, the pump automatically switches off at low water pressure, while if the water level is too low, the boiler element switches itself off and warning light comes on. An overpressure and an anti-vacuum valve prevent other internal problems. If you would rather leave the installation and major annual maintenance of your Maxima espresso machine to a professional, then you can arrange an installation and maintenance contract with Maxima Kitchen Equipment.

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