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Dry Ice Makers for the lowest price

With a good dry ice machine, you can produce dry ice quickly and safely. Dry ice is a very versatile product often used in eating and drinking establishments. The dry ice machine is available from stock at Maxima Kitchen Equipment and is ideal for use in the catering industry. With the favourable price and the fast operation of the machine, you will soon be serving your guests spectacular dishes and drinks!

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What is the dry ice machine used for?

In the hospitality industry, dry ice is mainly used for molecular and cryogenic cooking. The temperature for this application is -80 degrees Celsius and it gives dishes a spectacular effect, turning them into culinary delights. By mixing dry ice with a small amount of warm water, a mist with a mystical wow-factor is created. Not only do you impress your guests with the fog released, but the low temperature also improves the taste. This will enhance the appearance of all your dishes.

In addition to fantastic surprise effects, dry ice also keeps food cool. It is ideal for use during events without electricity or during warmer weather. Drinks stay at the right temperature and when cooking outdoors, fish and meat stay cool. For example, bakeries can use dry ice to cool their dough, and butchers can use dry ice to quickly cool meat products.

What is dry ice?

Dry ice is also called carbon dioxide snow and is a solid form of cooled carbon dioxide (CO₂). When heated, the 'ice' does not melt into a liquid but immediately turns into a gas. This is called sublimation, a chemical process in which a substance changes from a solid directly into a gas.

What characterises a good dry ice machine?

Since it works with a temperature of -80 degrees, safety is paramount when using a dry ice machine. A good dry ice machine always comes equipped with a pair of sturdy safety gloves. The purchase of safety goggles is also recommended. Furthermore, the machine must be stably assembled. The model from the Maxima Kitchen Equipment range has four rubber feet; this prevents the dry ice machine from shifting while making dry ice. For extra stability, the appliance can also be screw mounted. With its small size and compact design, it fits in almost any catering kitchen.

What materials is the dry ice machine made of?

The dry ice machine from Maxima Kitchen Equipment has a robust stainless steel construction, with a stainless steel tube in which the dry ice is made. The waterproof control knobs are also made of stainless steel.

How does a dry ice machine work?

To use the dry ice machine you need a bottle of liquid carbon dioxide. Please note this must be a bottle with a riser tube. Before using the dry ice machine, you first connect the bottle of liquid carbon dioxide to the machine. Once this is done you can plug the machine into the wall socket. Observe the correct safety procedure before making dry ice and always read the instructions carefully.

- Step 1: Put the ice tube into the dry ice machine; wear gloves and safety goggles.
- Step 2: Turn on the machine and open the bottle of liquid carbon dioxide.
- Step 3: Press and release the blue button on the machine. After two minutes the dry ice machine makes a perfect cylinder of dry ice and stops automatically.
- Step 4: Close the bottle of liquid carbon dioxide and turn the machine off.
- Step 5: Finally take the ice tube out of the machine and remove the dry ice from the ice tube.

Tip: Put the ice tube in the freezer before use so that it is cold when you want to make dry ice. Also wipe the screw thread of the tube clean before connecting it to the appliance. This prevents the ice tube from getting stuck.

Do not touch the dry ice machine when it is in use. Also do not touch or consume the dry ice directly. It is best to store dry ice in an insulated Tempex / Styrofoam box in the freezer where it can be kept for a few hours.

How can a dry ice machine be kept clean?

Thanks to its stainless steel parts, the dry ice machine can be cleaned quickly and hygienically. With a little warm soapy water, you can wipe all the parts clean. Do this before operation if the machine has not been used for some time.

What should you pay attention to when purchasing?

When you buy a new dry ice machine, check where you are going to put the machine in your kitchen and how to install it. For safety reasons, the dry ice machine should be in a place that allows you to easily distance yourself from it when it is in use. Look carefully at the type of carbon dioxide you need to make dry ice and if the connection on the bottle fits on the cylinder of the dry ice machine you want to buy. By connecting a carbon dioxide cylinder with a riser tube to your machine, you make sure that the liquid phase decreases rather than the gas phase of the carbon dioxide gas.

Dry Ice Safety Instructions / Dry Ice

- Avoid contact with skin and eyes
- Do not consume
- Dry ice is very cold: -79°C
- Carbon dioxide in solid form (100% CO₂)
- Ventilate areas where dry ice is produced
- Do not pack tightly or in airtight containers as it may expand
- Keep out of reach of children
- Store the CO₂ in accordance with the appropriate regulations
- In case of injury: consult a physician
- Non-toxic

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