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Drinks Mixers for the lowest price

Make the tastiest milkshakes in no time with a drink mixer from Maxima Kitchen Equipment! A Maxima drink mixer is an essential item in every bar and we sell high-quality drink mixers at attractive prices.

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What does a Maxima drinks mixer consist of?

A drinks mixer for the hospitality industry is a robust device that is made from stainless steel and features a modern design. Drinks mixers consist of the the following components:

  • A powerful motor
  • A mixing head
  • A mixing jug
  • A holder and base

The most noticeable part of this bar accessory is the jug. It can be placed below the mixing head easily and can be removed just as easily when mixing is completed. The appliances are mounted onto a heavy metal base, which provides stability during mixing operations. With a Maxima drinks mixer, you can make an alcoholic mixed drink or a light milkshake in just a few seconds.

For which catering establishments is a Maxima drinks mixer suitable?

Due to its versatility, a drinks mixer or milk shaker is the ideal appliance for a wide variety of hospitality establishments. The wide range of beverages that can be prepared with a drinks mixer makes the machine appeal to a wide variety of clientele. Milkshakes in particular are very popular amongst children while alcoholic mixed drinks are aimed at an older audience. Thanks to this versatility, the catering establishments that can use a drinks blender include:

  • Ice cream parlours
  • Beach pavilions
  • Cafes
  • Cocktail bars
  • Discos
  • Hotel bars
  • Fast food restaurants
  • Snack bars
  • Cafeterias

As can be seen from this list, a drinks mixer is at home in almost any catering establishment.

Why should I purchase a Maxima drinks mixer for my catering establishment?

The many different applications that a drinks mixer can be used for, make it an attractive proposition for adding to your appliance list, reaching more clientele and expanding your menu. This alone is already enough motivation to purchase a drinks mixer. Depending on the type of catering establishment, it is possible that a drinks mixer may not be in continual use throughout the year. Happily, the appliance can easily pay for itself during the summer season when drinks like milkshakes are in high demand, then be conveniently stored in the off-season. This makes a drinks mixer an investment that will deliver returns in no time at all!

What should you keep in mind when buying a Maxima drinks mixer?

At Maxima Kitchen Equipment we have two drink mixer versions to choose from - mixers with a single jug and mixers with a double jug. The mixing jugs have a capacity of 1-litre but since the liquid level rises during mixing, we recommend not filling the jug with more than 700ml of liquid.

How can a Maxima drink mixer be cleaned?

Since the most important components of our drinks mixers can be taken apart quickly and easily, maintenance is an easy process. In order to keep the unit functioning optimally, it is important to maintain the motor and blending element. The daily cleaning of a drinks mixer is particularly easy; simply place the jug in the dishwasher and wipe the exterior housing of the mixer down with a soft cloth, warm water and a mild detergent. Using a soft cloth is important since the mixer housing can be scratched if an incorrect cloth is used. Keeping your drinks mixer clean and well maintained can significantly extend its service life.

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