Drinks Dispenser

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Maxima Drinks Dispenser

In many professional catering establishments a Drinks Dispenser is absolutely essential. A Drinks Dispenser is usually used to make the very popular Slush Puppy drinks with crushed ice. In our collections of Drinks Dispensers you will find a variety of dispensers with a difference in capacity. Simply choose the capacity needed for the amount of different drinks you wish to serve.

Cafés and restaurants are a few of the establishments that make use of a drinks dispenser. However, the drinks dispensers are also very popular in ‘all you can eat’ and self service restaurants. A Maxima Drinks dispenser is very easy to operate and is therefore a good fit in those type of establishments.

That good quality doesn’t need to be expensive is something we want to prove with our products. Due to the fact that we produce the Maxima Kitchen Equipment collection, we can offer you high end equipment and machinery for the lowest price possible. Only the best materials are good enough for our products.

We highly value the relationship with our customers. Therefore we aim to offer the best possible service during your visit. But even after your purchase with us we are here to help you out if you have any questions concerning the drinks dispenser or any of our other products.

Do you need some advice on which drinks dispenser to choose? Please feel free to contact us. Our expert employees can tell you all about our collection and can also help you to make your decision.