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Drinks Dispensers for the lowest price

The Maxima Kitchen Equipment range has a wide variety of drinks dispensers that can be used to dispense chilled drinks. There are two models to choose from and each model can be configured with one, two or three tanks.

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Which types of Maxima drinks dispensers can you choose from?

There are two different types of drinks dispensers to choose from and the main differences between the models can be found in their cooling systems. Standard drinks dispensers are cooled using ice which is dispensed into a specially designed hollow steel pipe that runs through the middle of the drinks tank; this cools down the beverage stored in the tank. The more advanced model comes with an automatic refrigeration system and variable temperature controls that can be set to cool the drinks to any temperature between 7 and 12 degrees Celcius.

What should be taken into consideration when buying a Maxima drinks dispenser?

It is important to understand your needs when choosing a Maxima drinks dispenser. One of the most important considerations is the number of different drinks that you want to offer to your customers. The number of drinks determines whether you will be needing a dispenser model with one, two or even three separate tanks. If you plan to serve just one drink, a single tank model will work well, but if you will be serving several different drinks it might be better to opt for a multi-tank model. It is also possible to fill several tanks with the same drink and the tanks come in capacities of 8 or 18-litres.

What are the most important features that can be found in a Maxima drinks dispenser?

In addition to the standard features, which includes one, two or three reservoirs with differing capacities, each of the Maxima drinks dispenser models has unique features. Whether or not a specific feature is available depends on whether you are using an ice-cooled or refrigerated drinks dispenser. Some of the additional features that can be added are:

  • Handles to lift and move the dispenser
  • Stirring elements
  • Temperature controls
  • Silent cooling systems

The above list contains only a few additional characteristics and the majority of the features are available on both ice-cooled and refrigerated dispenser models.

For which type of hospitality business is a Maxima drinks dispenser a good addition?

Juice and beverage dispensers can traditionally be found snack bars, ice cream parlours, cafeterias and fast food restaurants, but as is the case with many bar appliances, they can also be used in other types of hospitality establishments. Because the contents of drinks dispensers can be chilled, they are suitable for use by beach pavilions and snack carts located in busy summer markets. Drinks dispensers can also be used for delivering drinks at self-service restaurants and service station rest stops. The simple operation of drinks dispensers makes it possible for customers to pour their own drinks easily.

What is the easiest way to clean a Maxima drinks dispenser?

As with all catering equipment in the Maxima Kitchen Equipment range, ease of use comes first. We have made every effort to ensure that the cleaning and maintenance of our drinks dispensers are as easy as possible; this is evident in their construction and the ease with which they can be taken apart for cleaning. The individual parts of a Maxima drinks dispenser can be cleaned by hand with lukewarm water and a mild detergent. The beverage containers can be cleaned by filling them with warm water and using the tap to drain the tanks; in this way, an entire dispenser can be rinsed in one go.

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