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Commercial Coffee Grinders for the lowest price

If you serve coffee made from freshly ground coffee beans then a Maxima coffee grinder is indispensable. At Maxima Kitchen Equipment you can buy coffee grinders in various models, all intended for use in the professional catering industry.

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Which components is a Maxima coffee grinder made from?

The coffee grinders that we offer all have a similar design. The largest part is a base with a housing on it. It contains a mill of hardened steel and a powerful engine; this motor has thermal protection. On top of the housing is a coffee bean container made of transparent plastic. Added to this is a piston holder to collect the ground coffee. Some models are equipped with a dispenser handle which allows the piston holder to be emptied quickly. The Maxima coffee grinder will grind a large volume of coffee beans in just a few minutes, for immediate use.

How does one Maxima coffee grinder differ from the others?

At first glance, there are few differences between the various coffee grinders. However, each piece of bar equipment differs slightly from the others. The most important distinction is in the volume of the bean container. The smallest coffee grinder has a reservoir which can store 500 grams of coffee beans. If that is not enough, you can choose a grinder with a container that holds 2 kg. Of these two variants, one is equipped with an automatic dosing facility for ground coffee. Both models grind 500 grams of coffee beans in five minutes. The smallest model mentioned takes six minutes to complete the operation.

In which catering establishments can you use a Maxima coffee grinder?

Coffee has been a popular hot drink for centuries, but it is also drunk cold. A lot of people start their day with it and coffee is also appreciated at other times. Because of the everyday nature of coffee, it doesn’t even really need to be on the menu, take it for granted that it will be served in most bars and hotels. Catering establishments where a Maxima coffee grinder might be useful include:

  • coffee bars
  • coffee corners in department stores
  • sandwich shops
  • lunchrooms
  • hotel bars
  • cafés
  • restaurants
  • beach pavilions

What should you consider when you buy a Maxima coffee grinder?

If you decide to add one or more coffee grinders to your hospitality accessories, it is a good idea to get some things straightened out. First of all, you need to make an estimate of what volume of beans you're going to grind with it every day to meet demand. Also, depending on what type of hospitality company you have, you may focus mainly on coffee, so it’s more likely that there are gourmets among your customers. In a regular café, things might be different. With a Maxima coffee grinder you can get a professional machine in your bar or your kitchen which will soon pay for itself.

How do you maintain and clean a Maxima coffee grinder?

The maintenance and cleaning of a coffee bean grinder are extremely easy. When designing the Maxima coffee grinder, we ensured a high level of user-friendliness. This applies not only to the operation but also to the cleaning and the maintenance of the machine. The container for coffee beans and the container for the ground coffee can be cleaned quickly by hand with a damp cloth and mild detergent. For the outside of the coffee grinder, a damp cloth and a non-aggressive cleaning fluid are enough. The grinding mechanism itself needs some maintenance on a regular basis. For correct operation, it is of great importance that the parts of the mill remain lubricated and interlock well.

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