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A Maxima blender from Maxima Kitchen Equipment is at home in almost every commercial kitchen. These compact appliances can be placed on or behind your bar as well as in the kitchen itself. Maxima blenders are available in a variety of sizes.

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What can a Maxima blender be used for?

Because of their countless applications, kitchen blenders are one of the most used bar appliances in any commercial kitchen or bar. Maxima blenders allow you to, amongst other things, crush ice cubes and chop or mash a variety of fruits and vegetables. Blenders can be used for chopping as well as for mixing ingredients and they work great as a multi-purpose appliance that saves you time when preparing drinks and foods. Using a blender, you can make smoothies in no time at all, as well as other items such as chilled cocktails, tasty frappuccinos and rich soups. Blenders can be used to prepare hot and cold foods and drinks, and even come in handy when preparing starters and desserts.

Which parts are used to manufacture a Maxima blender?

You have a choice of two of our models when it comes to choosing a blender. Blenders are quite similar when it comes to their construction and components. Most models have a chassis which incorporates the machine's controls and drive mechanism. The drive motor often comes in the form of a block-motor with a removable jug containing a set of sharp blades mounted on top of the block. When the operator switches the device on, the engine block rotates the blades in order to chop the ingredients. Since the rotating blades can push the liquid contents high up in the jug, the jug is fitted with a lid to prevent spilling.

Which functions does a Maxima blender have?

In addition to a drive mechanism and a jug equipped with a set of sharp blades and a lid, glass or BPA-free plastic blenders come with a variety of practical features and functions. A typical Maxima blender can include the following functions:

  • A control panel with touch sensitive keys
  • A variable preparing program
  • A pulse function
  • A soundproof covering
  • Thermal protection
  • Protection against overloading

Each blender can be fitted with a different size jug and jugs can be specified in sizes ranging from 1.5-litres to 2.5-litres. Another difference in models is the speed at which the blades rotate. Some models offer a maximum speed of 20,000 revolutions per minute while others can manage speeds of 28,000 revolutions per minute.

Why should you buy a Maxima blender for your catering business?

A blender is an extremely versatile appliance that can be a beneficial addition to the kitchen of any cafe, smoothie bar, cafeteria, restaurant, lunchroom, canteen, beach pavilion, fitness club, gym or any other hospitality establishment. One blender can replace several other traditional hand-held appliances, such as hand blenders and food processors. In addition to this, using a blender can save significant amounts of time in the kitchen. Due to the wide range of functions that blenders have, purchasing one can lead to a welcome expansion of your menu and speed up preparation times so that your customers do not have to wait long for their orders. Whether you prepare healthy smoothies, delicious soups or summery iced products, a blender is the ideal appliance for your needs.

How do you clean a Maxima blender and how often should it be cleaned?

It is important to keep your blender clean, especially if you use it frequently or prepare more than one product type with it. Maxima blenders are made using high-quality materials so that different tastes are not transferred between products. It is advised that the jug be cleaned manually for best results. If you frequently prepare different drinks or dishes with your blender it may be wise to invest in more than one jug. Additional jugs can be ordered separately or with your initial Maxima blender purchase.

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