Automatic Donut Maker / Machine

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The automatic donut maker is fully automated and suitable for high production and intensive use in bakeries and catering. Order now!

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Automatic Donut Maker / Machine

The automatic donut maker is a high-quality machine and very suitable for high production and daily use. The machine is easy to use; you pour the batter into the bowl and through the donut shape at the bottom the batter comes out in donut shape. The donut ends up directly in the deep fryer. A wheel ensures that the frying fat keeps moving and the grids in the frying pan keep rotating the donut, so that the donut is cooked well and evenly. The donut machine is made of stainless steel, so it is durable and easy to clean.

Features of the automatic donut maker / machine

  • Robust and easy to operate
  • High productivity: 500 pieces per hour
  • Deep fryer with automatic rotating system
  • Deep fryer with tap
  • Variable thermostat 60 ° C to 240 ° C
  • Temperature indicator lights
  • Equipped with timer
  • Equipped with donut counter
  • Stands on rubber feet
  • Very durable construction
  • Hygienic design

Product specifications

  • Net weight: 40 kg
  • Donut diameter: 3-5 cm / 5-7 cm / 7-10 cm
  • Device dimensions: W965 x D330 x H650 mm
  • Total electrical power: 3.0 kW
  • Power: 230V / 50Hz / 1Phase 3000 Watt

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